Can The Republican Party Survive Donald Trump? I’m Not Sure.

Its going to take a lot of love to get over Trumpism and its sickening impact on civility and humanity. Its going to take a deep look into our souls to purge this cancer out of our bodies. Its going to take one step, one bridge and one dialogue at a time to mend the hurt, pain and broken trust that this one loose cannon has fostered on the American public.

Don’t be fooled looking at the reflection in the mirror. Donald Trump is merely the reflection. Alienated and disaffected white and less-educated voters who are the core of his supporters are the real story. They feel threatened because they are increasingly marginalized in a more diverse and technologically complicated world. Their lower-skilled jobs that haven’t been transferred to developing economies are increasingly assumed by non-white workers which further depresses their wages. They think that by building a wall around America; deporting the non-white competitors for their jobs; and imposing tariffs on imports, their lower-skilled jobs will return and their wages will grow. History proves they are wrong. Their anger won’t go away after November and either Trump or someone else will champion them, but the train has left the station and it is never coming back.

The only remorse that Trump experiences are from his failed efforts to connect with the American people. His brand of hateful political rhetoric appeals only to his “base” which will never win him nor his Republican Party any victories in the Fall. He, in effect, has become the honorary ship’s Captain of the Republican version of a political Titanic. He’s going down in stormy political seas of his own making. The worst part is that if he goes down, he wants to take all of America down with him with his hateful and divisive rhetoric.

Donald Trump has been toxic now for 14 months, since he declared for the Presidency. Any mainstream politicians who have endorsed Trump have also endorsed his demented ideas about building a wall on our Southwest border to be paid for by Mexico, to force 11 million people to leave America. They are endorsing racism, xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, and anti-immigrant venom to the extent of calling President Obama a secret Muslim and that he and Hillary Clinton brought ISIS into being. The American body is deathly sick with the disease of Trump, and his sycophants are enabling this narcissist’s candidacy for our President.

It will take the Republican Party years to recover from Trump’s onslaught. Success for all our people, regardless of race, religion has been smashed to smithereens by Donald Trump. There is no decency left in American politics today and that is a sad fact.

Trump will not feel bad when he loses to Clinton. He lacks self awareness and will blame the loss on all that is outside of himself. He will externalize his defeat; It will be everybody else’s fault why he lost thus he himself will be faultless. This is what narcissists do to protect their fragile sense of self, they globalize and generalize. This is why Trump is fond of saying “many people say” and the election is rigged. Both of these things allow him to escape personal responsibility. I don’t care anymore about reading why this guy is unfit or mentally unstable. Unless you are a hyper partisan ostrich or have a such low set of expectations from others’ behaviors that I cannot fathom we can all agree this guy is quite simply a miserable excuse for a human being.

At this point, I am hoping that he loses so profoundly that the world will take note that we the electorate cannot be swayed by a con man no matter how much economic pain some of us are in. I remain shocked?—?and appalled?—?that this numb-skull and his bottom-of-the-barrel team have any support at all. Are there really that many imbecilic and gullible people left in the sadly diminished GOP to honestly be backing this person? As a candidate for anything, let alone president? The GOP doesn’t need an autopsy. One word will suffice: Trump.

Apologizing in this case makes Hillary look weak. She should have followed Trump’s lead and doubled down on her statement. Trump’s supporters aren’t deplorable, but their beliefs are. And if they don’t like hearing that, tough. They are what they are.

But it’s interesting how little push back there has been over this. Perhaps the alt-right is afraid of opening up this can of worms too widely. They are the lunatic fringe, and once Trump crawls back under his rock, his tail between his legs after having lost the election, they will fade back into obscurity, too. As they should. It’s easy to say that they don’t represent American values, but Trump has proven all too well that, at least in some part, they do. And that is disgusting.

But let’s not make the mistake of thinking that Trump has actual values. His values are only about himself. When someone watches the World Trade Center burning and the towers falling, and all he can say is that “Now I have the tallest building in New York City”, there is something quite deranged in his thinking. Once the election is over, he will discard his new friends in the alt-right, just like he discards everyone he has no more use for. And won’t that be an interesting side show to watch.

And so it continues. Trump can can be full out racist, sexist, hateful, call on his followers to beat up protesters and imply they should assassinate his opponent. He politically incorrect and is loved for the lies. Clinton tells the truth about those who support him?—?she gets hammered for being politically incorrect and apologizes.

I would tell Clinton. Be politically incorrect. Don’t apologize. These deplorable people need to hear the truth about themselves.

Tell the truth about them. Call them and their foul leader out. They are deplorable and they are closer to 50% of the electorate not 50% of Trump supporters.

What is clear is that people are willing to swallow what they don’t like and vote for a candidate they are not totally in support of. Those willing to vote for Trump will accept the flagrant bigotry to get someone who is not Washington insider. Trying to get people to realize that Trump is not a real outsider, he only plays one on TV, is a fairly unrewarding task.

It is amazing to see the ease at which Trump has been able to take dog whistles, and make the call audible. No one else had the audacity to just put all that right out there in the open.

Clinton, of course, made the mistake?—?and she did it on purpose, because she is too experienced to have just goofed?—?of creating a sound bite which can be taken out of context. Clinton is trying to get the Trump supporters to feel uncomfortable with their choice, uncomfortable with the company they keep. If the research that came from the anti-vax movement is any indicator, she made an error; people tend to double down when challenged with facts.

I didn’t find anything objectionable in what Secretary Clinton said. In fact. I applaud it since it is rare she appears to speak candidly without fear of offending someone or being politically incorrect. Now of course Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination by being politically incorrect and campaigning and promising to bring racism , xenophobia , anti Islam and anti women talk and policies back into vogue. His rallies are packed with people who support his brand of McCarthyism, hate and fear mongering. There is no way you can support Donald Trump, state that you will vote for him and deny that he stands for the most deplorable policies spoken about out loud in America since the days of George Wallace. Maybe her comments gave a shamed and desperate GOP something to talk about, but its high time they owned exactly who their supporters are and what exactly they stood for.

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